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Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries


Hello! My name is Emma. I’m twenty-three years old. I currently work as a marketing manager at a company called Blue Sprig. It’s an ABA therapy company, so we work with kids with autism to find them resources and services to help with different motor skills. I like my job because I can talk with many different people at any time all around the world. I work remotely, so I’m able to speak with people via Zoom or telephone throughout the whole day. And I’m currently living in Texas, so I get to work with people from Florida, Georgia, New York, all over the world. So, that’s pretty cool.

I also like my job because I get to speak with special needs kids which is one of my biggest passions. I love working with special needs kids. I went to school to become a BCBA for a while, which basically means Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. So, I’ve worked in the behavior analyst field for a really long time. So, that’s always been one of my biggest passions. One of my other passions is working with animals. I have two cats. I have Paisley and Opal. They’re both over the age of one now. I just moved to San Antonio, Texas. And I now live 10 minutes away from my boyfriend, which is pretty cool! I like to go on hikes in my free time.

I like to write poetry and songs. I’ve currently written like over 50 songs and I have four, four – almost five of them produced and they’re on Spotify now. One of them’s called Die First, and I wrote that about my boyfriend. It has almost over 5 million listens at this point. So, that’s really exciting and something that I’m super, super proud of. I also like going on walks. I love puppies. I want a puppy really, really badly. I want a small dog that I can go on walks with all the time and that will give me all of the attention that my cats don’t like to give me.

I have two siblings – a brother and a sister. My brother’s name is Devin, and my sister’s name is Aubrey. They are both younger than me. Devin just turned 21 not too long ago, which is super exciting! And then Aubrey’s 18 years old, and she lives in New York for college. She loves to draw, she’s very artistic. And Devin is super smart and really good with numbers. He is literally a genius and like a human calculator, so that’s pretty cool! They’re both amazing.

And then I have my mom and my dad. My dad’s a singer and a songwriter, which is where I became a songwriter from. And yeah, that’s basically my family in a nutshell. And then, my parents have two dogs. One of them was my dog… Except for my parents fell in love with him, so when I tried to take him back to my apartment, they said no, that they wanted to keep him. And now, he’s overweight and weighs like almost 30 pounds, and he’s a very small dog.

Stelly: When was the last time you went on a hike? You said you liked hiking…

Emma: Beau and I went on a hike on Friday. We went… it’s like 10 minutes away from my apartment… And how long was the hike? Like two miles…? Oh, four miles! Okay, that’s a lot longer than I thought it was. There were a lot of people on the hiking trail, and it was a really pretty day outside. I’m trying to hit as many hiking trails as I can when I’m in San Antonio. So, like next week I want to go to a new hiking trail. And then, the week after that, I’ll go to a new one. I’m trying to go to as many as I can. And then I also need to get my gym membership because Beau goes to the gym, and I want to go to the gym with him. So, I’m trying to work on that through work. My work has a lot of different benefits, which is really nice. I just have to figure out how to use them, so that should be interesting.


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